Like the Phoenix, I rise again towards the sun, but this time, using my voice-and amplifying others.  As I wait for my turn to be called in the line of succession, I am open to all that comes next.  The Universe is opening in ways I would have deemed possible in previous decades.  Not only are there now daily quantum leaps in technology and medicine, there are corresponding movements toward a greater consciousness, and I pray, greater empathy and compassion for each other and all sentinent life.  Perhaps I have 20 years left, perhaps less, to do the work required of me.  I am so glad that I now know what it is. Daily I am morally obligated to continue the legacy groundwork for my daughter Sydney and my granddaughter Amelia.  They will bring the future I cannot. Meanwhile, “…I fold my exile on my back again..” (thank you, Hart Crane, for naming this) and begin the business of re-creating, one more time.

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